The most expensive inland tourism experience in the world takes place in the heart of Andalusia.

Valued at one million euros, its objective is to showcase one of the most incredible Andalusian regions: the Subbética Cordobesa. Read more […]

20 unmissable things to do in Spain.

Learn about Spain’s finest olive oil

If you’ve ever wondered where those liquid-gold Spanish olive oils come from, central Andalucía’s Mar de Olivos (Sea of Olives) is a hidden-in-plain-sight joy. Read more […]


You no longer need to go far away to enjoy a few days of rest, practicing amazing activities, visiting emblematic places and tasting Michelin star dishes. And those who think that a dream vacation is lying on the beach in an island paradise are very wrong, and to prove it, we traveled to Andalusia to present The Most Expensive Inland Tourism Experience in the World. Read more […]

The experience begins with a meeting between the travelers and a specialized team of psychologists to learn about their tastes and preferences. Read more […]

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